Weekly club lessons for Wednesday, March 25

If your child needs their book or Bible from the church, please contact 

Sparks – Melissa Holt  at 218.417.0370  or Truth & Training – Stacy Hall  at 218.324.2709

  1. [together] Say a prayer (talk to God)
    1. Praise God for his love and thank him for time together
    2. Ask God to help you understand His Word
  2. [together] Ask each other “What has been the best part of your week?”
  3. [together] listen to some of your favorite praise songs
    1. Sing, dance and worship God
    2. This week’s recommended song can be found at https://youtu.be/CShCK9yjbiA
  4. [together] Complete the assigned section together

Complete Red Jewel 4:2 found on pages 90-93

[parents] read the section to your child if needed

[together] listen to Audio Track 56

[students] memorize this week’s verse

“He (Jesus Christ) was with

God in the beginning.”

John 1:2

Complete Unit 4:4 found on pages 165-169

[together] answer questions on page 165

[students] complete the explore section on pages 166-167

[students] memorize this week’s verse

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted,

forgiving one another,

as God in Christ forgave you.”

 Ephesians 4:32

[together] complete the Bonus Box on page 169

5.  [students] Recite verses to your parents. (note to parents- they need to say the references and you can give them two small hints if needed.)

6.  [parents] Verify that your child has answered all the questions and filled in all the blank spaces then sign and date where it says “leader signature” at the end of the section.

7.  [together] Pray (talk to God) and ask for help to apply what you have learned to your life.

8.  [parents] Take a picture of the signed completed section page and send it to a club director.

        Sparks – Melissa Holt at 218.417.0370          Truth & Training – Stacy Hall at 218.324.2709

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